Good Afternoon,

I hope you always in good condition although there many thing that you can handle, nothing all that you want is gonna be a part that some joy will circle you after all, those all that you want being a boomerang for themselves. Obtains of full kindness of disappointed, contains some thing that gonna be explode in your head. No, I don’t like this situation, complete me all the way you can’t hide, where’s the place do you want to hide? Somebody catch me in the abnormal situation and I can’t just go away with the smile and the peace of my two finger. After those all, I cant rarely understand myself, nothing I running for something. Something what, I don’t know. A simply way that make me surely understand what must I do, I do nothing, I almost confess with my daily. Lately, I rather with my self, its mean that I want quit from this situation already. Tell me what must I do when the things you think could be this one, just offered more than what you want. And its built some unbelievable building that you want destroyed.

I believe I can do more than this, than I do right now, surely I can do any possibility of change if I made for my own. Every way and possibility is always run from themselves who’s let it go. Better to be quiet and slow down.


*I wrote this when I nothing to do, a welcome few day working at that company. But, I was enjoy it already, now. 🙂

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